Chalking Failure

Last Tuesday – 7:00 AM – I am up and I have a plan.  I have wanted to try coloring my hair with chalk and the preschool storyime and activity are all about color today.  This is going to be great.  I found a tutorial on Pinterest that makes it look so easy.  This is going to look amazing!

7:15 – Things are going alright so far.  Purple section is done.  It looks just like it does in her video.  Things are going good, maybe a little messy.

7:30 – Green and blue sections done.  Got a little of my blonde streak into the blue.  Hope it doesn’t stain to badly.  I must have gotten my hair a little too wet becuase it keeps dripping colors on to the sink and floor.

7:35 – Trying to blow dry my hair and there is a sticky/dry feeling that isn’t going away.  It kind of feels like when you have been in the pool all day and you don’t wash the clorine out of your hair.  Just going to keep working…maybe this is just part of the process.

7:40 – Using my straight iron to seal it and finish drying, this is not going well.  Tried to comb through the purple section and purple dust went everywhere!!  Counter is pretty much cleaned up.  But things are not looking good.

7:45 AM – I am quickly hopping in the shower to wash the disaster of chalk out of my hair and noticed the bottom of my feet have turned a bright blue from the mess on my bathroom floor.  No time to clean.  Throw down a black towel and hope for the best.

Tuesday – Later that morning.  Have decided chalking might work on finer hair, but my locks just aren’t digging it.  Feet = no longer blue.  Blonde streak = bluish/greenish/blondish – may have to dye or bleach again to get rid of current color.  Maybe I’ll try dying it with the chalk…on purpose this time.  Or is that just asking for trouble??


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