Why I Love My Family

My family went to Florida for Spring Break and while we were there we went to a Twins spring training game. I enjoy baseball, but I think the games go a little long.  So…I brought my camera (and a book) and these pictures…are just examples of why I love my family!

My Mom and Dad…Love them!!

 How cute is Rico?  I love his smile in this picture.

   Me and Neville!                   Rico and I had matching tounges…

….that calls for a picture.

And then there is my sister…


We decided this is what we would do if a ball came our way in the stands.  I love my crazy sister and her inability to take a normal picture.


Isn’t that a nice picture!  But don’t let my mom’s nice smile fool you…she is as crazy as her children.

I thought I would throw this one in here…just to prove I actually looked at the field.

The game was fine, but my family is far more entertaining.


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