The Sign of a Thief

To be honest, I have no idea how this conversation got started in my house, but one day we started talking about the signatures of different thieves.  In Oceans 12, the Night Fox had the black onyx fox.  The art thief from Psych always leaves a burning cigarette.  Harry and Marv, aka the Wet Bandits, leave the water running in each house they rob in Home Alone.

So here is the question…what would your signature be if you were a thief?

Here are some that I came up with…

…baked goods.  A little sweet comfort.

…a book or maybe just a page from the same book.

…a goldfish…maybe a puppy.  How fun would it be to just leave a puppy in someone’s house.

…bottle of champagne.  So they can toast to my success or at least drown their sorrows in a bottle of bubbly.

I just realized none of these things are very mysterious…maybe the book thing could be, but puppies and baked goods?  I think my signatures only beat out the wet bandits. Good thing I’m not really a thief.

So, what would your signature be?

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