Howard Will Travel No More

I have a dark red beta fish named Howard.  My sister calls him Howard the Hoosier, since we originally bought him in Indiana.  She said his street name is H2.  I called him Howard the Traveling Fish, mainly because he made the 13 hour trip home with me almost every time I went.  I even have a basket that his tank fits into, with just enough room for some padding so the water in his tank won’t slosh around too much.

Howard will travel no more.

I am a self-acknowledged, bad fish owner.  I would forget to feed him for days.  I wouldn’t clean out his water as much as I should.  So…I decided to be better.  For the past week I have fed Howard regularly.  Tuesday, I even got him a new tank with rocks and plants.  I don’t know if he died from old age or if there was something in the new tank that made him sick, but I feel bad either way.

I know it probably sounds dumb, but I loved that fish.  He moved with me to Indiana and it was nice to have another living creature around while I was still getting to know people.  I got him just over two years ago and he has been with me for my entire graduate student career, but he didn’t make it the last two weeks.

It is silly, but I’ll miss him.  Bye Howard.


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