Chipolte Peppers: 2 – Me: 0

Backstory: Last year I followed this recipe for Spicy Dr. Pepper Shredded Pork from the Pioneer Woman.  It looked so good when she made it!  So, I gave it a try. I cut the recipe in half and only used a quarter of a can of chipolte peppers.  When the pork was finished cooking, I dished some up for myself…sat down…took a bite.  It was good.  Then after two or three bites the heat had built up and my mouth was on fire.  I gulped down some extra Dr. Pepper, then water, and finally milk.  I didn’t want to just scrap the pork.  I had payed money for those ingredients…and I was going to eat it, damn it!  I tried to cut the heat down with cheese, sour cream, ranch…nothing really worked.  I think I eventually added some BBQ sauce and cheese and suffered through.

Skip forward to last week: I found a recipe on Pinterest for Healthy Mexican Sweet Potato Skins.  They looked colorful and delicious.  I saw they had chipolte peppers in it, but I had learned my lesson from the Shredded Pork Debacle of 2011.  So, this time instead of using the prescribed 1-2 peppers, I used a little less than half of one pepper.

Side-note:  This recipe is kind of a big mess maker…or maybe that’s just me.

Back to the story: So, I had made my big mess…mixed in my small amount of pepper with just a little sauce and sat down to enjoy my meal.  Two bites in the heat was building and I added a little sour cream.  By bite four or five I didn’t think I was going to make it.  I tried to eat my Fiery Mexican Sweet Potato Skin, I really did.  By the time I gave up on my dinner, I couldn’t feel my tongue.  Thankfully, my roommate shared some of her Mac-n-Cheese with me.

The strange thing: I really like spicy food.  If there is a chipolte burger or sandwich or salad on the menu of a restaurant, that is what I tend to order.  My roommate made chipolte mayo the other day and it was so tasty!  Apparently, chipotle peppers and I just don’t get along if I am the one using them in a recipe.

Overall: I think this recipe (and the shredded pork) could be really good without the peppers, but I don’t think I could bring myself to try again.  Even the memories are too hot.


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