The Week of the Bucket List

This is my final week as a graduate student.  Which means I will be moving in the next few months.  When I approach the end of my time living in a place I tend to do two things.

  1. Make lists.  Ok…in reality…I do this all the time.  List making is less of a time management tool, more of a hobby.  But I am talking about a specific kind of list.  A list of things I want to do, people I want to see, restaurants I want to eat at…before I leave.
  2. Re-evaluate…well…almost everything.  I get rid of clothes I haven’t worn in while, sort through the documents on my computer.  Get things ready for a fresh start when I open my boxes in a new place.

Part of that re-evaluation and list making is looking at my big goals, my dreams.  Not the ones that I share with most people…own a house, get married…you know.  But I mean the things that I want to do that are a little more unique to me, the list of things I want accomplish or experience or learn, maybe not now, but sometime in the future…my bucket list, if you will.

Bucket List (n.): A list of things you want to do before you die.  Comes from the phrase “kick the bucket.”  Also, the topic of “Let Other Pens” all week long.

So…do you have a bucket list?


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