The Hug Bucket

As I was searching for information for tomorrow’s post I came across the best variation of the bucket list I have ever seen: the hug bucket.

I have to give a shout out to the blog Through the Vortex for at least putting the idea online so I could find it, if not coming up with it originally!

So what, you may ask, is a hug bucket…well, it is a list of people you would like to meet and hug.  So, who would be on my hug bucket?

  1. Michael W. Smith
  2. David Tennant
  3. Captain Wentworth (Although I would give up the hug if he’d dance with me instead.)
  4. Frodo or any of the hobbits really.  (Just to be clear…I don’t mean the actors…I mean the fictional characters.)
  5. Jane Austen
  6. Any of the Harry Potter characters, except Voldemort  (We all saw how creepy that was in the last movie.)  I imagine that Luna would give excellent hugs.
  7. Catherine Tate
  8. John Barrowman
  9. Fred Astaire (Another time I’d give up the hug for a dance.)
  10. John Wayne (Did he give hugs?  If he did, I bet they were awesome.)

(There are so many more, but I’ll limit myself to 10.)

I also want to propose a slap bucket.  I don’t have a whole list, but I think it might be fun to slap Wickham from Pride and Prejudice.  He really does have it coming.

If you could full-out slap anyone, real or fictional, from all of history…who would it be?


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