Redneck Fabulous

Before I moved for grad school I made a bucket list of things I wanted to do while I was here.  One of those things was to take a road trip to Nashville, TN.  I have never lived this far south and it sounded like a lot of fun.  Well, after two years and graduation, some friends and I finally took the trip over Memorial Day weekend.

On our drive down we found ourselves behind this boat.  It kind of became the mantra of our trip.  We only stayed one night, but we had a ton of fun and even more inside jokes.

Some highlights from the trip…

  • My first trip to Cracker Barrel.
  • Deciding Carmen Sandiego has a good twin: Carma Sandiego, who believes in GPS and always being able to be found.
  • Pictures with cardboard cutouts including Elvis, Bieber, Cinderella, Dorothy, one of the guys from Kiss, Hannah Montana, Darth Vader, Michael Jackson, and John Wayne
  • Extreme wooooo girls at dinner.  (Not sure if this was a highlight, but we had some fun laughing…we will say it was with them not at them.)
  • Dinner – Really good margaritas and a mountain of nachos so big it was intimidating. Two of us split it and we hardly made a dent.
  • More boot stores than a 4 block radius needs.
  • My friend Megan playing a guitar anytime we could find one, whether it was real, a toy, or printed on a bottle cozy.
  • A tambourine shaped like the Christian fish.
  • A dueling piano bar playing the IU song as we walked by.  (Of course we had to go in!)
  • Playing the game Count-the-Bachelorettes.  We got to 11 just in the piano bar.
  • Visiting the parthenon…although why they built a exact, to-scale replica in Nashville is still a mystery.
  • There was more, but that was already more than I was going to share!

One of my favorite moments of the trip…besides the constant joking, laughing, and continual calling out of things that were redneck fabulous…happened Saturday night.  We were pulling out of the parking lot to head back to our hotel and two guys walked by.  (Just a note…I drive a granny car, an old white Buick LeSabre.  It has a blue interior, bench seat in front, and a tape deck.  Her name is Ethel.)  This guy had a very strong opinion.  As he walked by this conversation occured…

“These girls look gangster in this Buick!  Is this a Buick or an Oldsmobile?”

Me: “A buick.”  He gave an approving look and a head nod and continued walking past until he got right in front of my car.  He turned and looked down at the front.

“I love this shit!” (As he pointed at the hood and front fender.)

As he walked away we couldn’t help laughing.  I am not gangster…not even a little, but it is nice to know that my front fender is the shit.


One thought on “Redneck Fabulous

  1. I love your friend the Buick appreciator! HAHAHAHAHAHA.
    Also I really want a margarita and some nachos now. I get them in Florida on vacation, it’s like a tradition. I want to be there too. XD

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