Never Laugh at Live Dragons

I like to think of myself as a geek or a nerd.  Compared to some I look like a costume wearing, magic staff/wand carrying, space adventure obsessed fan.  Then compared to people who actually do those things…I look like a fair weather fan.  But, no matter which direction you approach me on the scale of nerd…Welcome to Geekery Week here on Let Other Pens!

I describe the following posts as “geekery” because it is name of one of my favorite boards on Pinterest where my equal opportunity nerd pins get placed.  But it turns out…geekery is a semi-real word.  According to, Geekery is:

  • (n/prn.) the collective goings on of geeks/ the qualities that make a geek
  • (adv.) the individual actions that define people as geeks

Of course according to Merriam-Webster it isn’t a word at all.  Who is to say? To me, it mostly describes all those wonderful cult fictions (be it book, film, or tv) that my friends and I discuss like they are real.

To kick off the week, I need to bring up the awesome (and not altogether innacurate) stereotype from movies and tv.  The nerd character always has a different name for him/herself.  Usually an alter ego for their online gaming.  Let’s participate in this wonderful tradtion with a Lord of the Rings twist and find out our Hobbit names.  You know you want to.

Click here to find out if you are a Took or a Brandybuck!

My new name: Rosie-Posie Bramble of Willowbottom.  Best. Hobbit name. Ever.

Comment below and let me know what you would be called in the Shire!

So…now that we all have our alter egos…let Geekery Week officially commence.  Tomorrow’s agenda:  Details from the Harry Potter party I threw last month. Until then.

May the hair on your toes never fall off,

Rosie-Posie Bramble of Willowbottom



P.S.  I don’t really know what the title really means, but a) I like it; b) I didn’t know what to call this post and c) Bilbo Baggins said it to himself in “The Hobbit” and it later turned into Hobbit proverb.


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