The Following Party is Sanctioned by the Ministry of Magic

Last month my roommate and I hosted a Harry Potter Party and if I do say so myself…it was a smashing good time.  I thought I would share some pics here for Geekery Week.  Mainly because the planning of the party was basically both of us geeking out over Harry Potter, making more plans than we could ever afford or have time to carry out.

First…invites.  There are so many good HP invite examples out there, but I needed something digital…invites were going out a little late and I didn’t have the time or the addresses to do snail mail or personal delivery.  So…this is what I created.  Each person got an email with the subject “Owl Post” and this image in the body.

Each person got had a personalized letter in their owl post inviting them to the party.  Click the image to see my friend, Megan’s letter!


For the party itself we decked out the house with candles and HP inspired decorations.

There was a brick wall to pass through into Platform 9 3/4 where the Ministry of Magic had plastered posters of Undesirable No. 1.


Hedwig perched atop a trunk with Potter books.


During the party we watched the last two movies back-to-back.  With that much movie we had to have some food!  We stared off with pizza that house elves (a 20-something man with a beard) magically delivered (with his car) to our front door. Then we had a bunch of snacks and drinks for later on…all from the wizarding world of course.  (Except for the muggle treat.  See below.)


  • A Selection of Olivander’s Wands (Pretzel Rods to you Muggles)
  • Immature Mandrake Root (Sour Patch Kids)
  • Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans (But not really every flavor…just the ones Jelly Belly creates.)
  • A Muggle Treat (Crisps)
  • Cauldron Cakes (What non-magical folk call Brownies)


We had alot of fun coming up with the names for different beverages.  It was hard to restrain ourselves so the drinks fit into our budget and onto our counter space.

  • Pumpkin Juice (The pumpkins we juiced looked a lot like oranges.)
  • Wit Sharpening Potion (We couldn’t find the correct ingredients for this potion so we just used Sprite. )
  • Amortentia (Turns out love potion is alot likeGrenadine.)
  • Butterbeer (Cream Soda, the poor muggle’s Butterbeer.)
  • Skelegrow (Milk may not grow bones, but it does make them stronger.)
  • Veritaserum (Clear, Odorless, Tasteless…Water!)
  • Eye of Newt (Must be the giant red-eyed newt, because these Maraschino Cherries were huge.)


My favorite drink name was Felix Felicis. (The warning from the books was too perfect for the muggle version not to be tequilla.)


But the party wasn’t over!  Between movies everyone got a Hogwarts gift bag.

Each bag had a sneak-o-scope, a S.P.E.W. button, a sock from Dobby, an emergency kit in case of Dementors (a.k.a. chocolate), a resurrection stone, and a golden snitch.  More pictures of the goodies inside will be coming later this month!


When all was said and done…I had a great time prepping and an even better time with friends the night of.  I will definitely be throwing another HP party in the future.


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