Homemade Pay It Forward 2012 – #1: Family, Hearts, and the Postal System

In January, I posted on my Facebook wall.


Five people commented and I promptly forgot all about it.  In all fairness…I was just a tad busy finishing up my last semester of grad school.

At the beginning of May I remembered I had some crafting to do, so I started working.  I finished two of the gifts and they have finally made their way through the mail and I can start posting about them here!




The first finished handmade gift went to my Aunt.  When I saw her the previous summer she mentioned that she liked a bag I had made myself.  I took that as inspiration, but I wanted to try something new.  So….





This is what I came up with…

Each dishtowel represents one of her siblings or her parents.

I had a lot of fun working on them and they went more quickly then I thought they would.  But the mail system almost killed me.  It took so long to get to her.  Good thing I had her daughter doing recon for me or I probably would have spoiled the surprise out of sheer impatience!

I thinking about making a set of these for myself with all the different places I’ve lived and add to them as I continue to try new places.

1 Down : 4 To Go


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