Puppets Do a Parody

After watching a funny the Muppets version of Bohemian Rhapsody (See That Video Here) and a few other less delightful/much stranger parodies.  I thought I would share some great parodies today…all done by puppets.

Most of the videos are just links…there were too many good ones to narrow it down, but I thought I would put the mother of all parodies right on the page.  In case you didn’t catch the very first trailer to the new muppet movie that came out last November…it parodied the trailer of a romantic comedy (Watch it Here).  This is the last trailer they put out.

That’s right a parody of their own trailer and others!  For the record they did parodies of a bunch of recent movies including…


Now onto some other funny parodies.

Doctor Who Fans – If you have already seen The End of Time and have some minutes to spare…this makes me laugh every time: Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppets do The End of Time (Don’t miss the other two parts! Just a teaser…part 3 is in song.)

For the non-Doctor Who Fans – You don’t want to miss the Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppets: Pirates of the Caribbean –  If it’s not your cup of tea…listen to the puppets and “Don’t Dwell”

I couldn’t leave out the Potter Puppet Pals: The Mysterious Ticking Noise

For fan’s of the Old Spice Commercials: Smell Like a Monster – The very end is the best part!

Can’t get enough Carly Rae’s Call Me Maybe?: Try Cookie Monster’s Share it Maybe

Ok…That’s it…I’m cutting myself off.  That is enough youtube for quite sometime…or at least for the weekend.  Have a great one!


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