Where is Your Best Place?

As I try to decide which library positions to apply for, I have been spending a little bit of time at www.bestplaces.net.   Ok…a little bit more than a little bit.  I think it is interesting to look at different cities and learn different good and bad things about each place and compare cost of living to the different places I have lived.  Kind of dorky, I know.

The other day I was comparing away and I noticed an option on the top menu…”Find Your Best Place.”  So I clicked (as you should) and rated away and here are my the top 10 cities that I would enjoy living in…Or so I’m told.

  1.  San Francisco, CA (Maybe, but I’m thinking not California.)
  2. Seattle, WA (Maybe…think I could deal with the rain?)
  3. Tacoma, WA (Same question.)
  4. Reno, NV (Nevada…I think not.  It sounds to hot.)
  5. Boston, MA (Already looking…no openings.)
  6. Boulder-Longmont, CO (Looking and have applied in the area.)
  7. Los Angeles-Long Beach, CA (Los Angeles?…See #4.)
  8. Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN (Convenient, I already live in the state. Unfortunately, no openings.)
  9. Duluth-Superior, MN (I like MN, but Duluth sounds to cold!)
  10. Denver, CO (See #6).

So…not to bad bestplaces.net.  I thought it was tricky to rate some things…I’m not sure how much tax rates will affect where I end up, but it was interesting to take the test anyway.

So what are your top places to live?


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