Wonderfully Despicable Costumes

So…you might think you had the best costumes this Halloween, but I was handing out candy and the best ones I saw were my brothers and their trick or treating company.  They had an almost complete Despicable Me cast.

(Click here for the trailer.)

Rico as Vector (with a Squid Launcher) and Neville as The Box of Shame


Vector with His Squid


The Box of Shame.

Seriously if you haven’t seen this movie…you need to.

And then…the rest of the gang showed up!

Ready for some Despicable Trick or Treating.


They had…

Gru, Vector, and a Minion – Squid Launcher, Oh Yeah!!


Dr. Nefario…Seriously Amazing.

And of course the three sisters…

Agnes…with her Cookies to Sell, Her Fluffy Unicorn, and her Cheetos.

If you don’t understand the Cheetos…watch this.

Edith with Their Cookie Orders


And don’t forget Margo!

See…I told you…the best costumes!  What did you dress up as?


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