Seven Days of Celebration

A while back I saw this image/link on Pinterest from The Dating Divas.


The original post called it Seven Days of Love.  She gave it to her husband so he would have a little extra reminder of how much she loved him everyday for a week.  She had slips of paper with simple messages, quotes, or verses about love.  I loved the idea.

But…seeing as I don’t have a husband…I decided to take this simple idea, turn it into a birthday present, and run with it.  And the favorite part is…I can personalize each gift!

So each day came with a little treat and a message from me that included a quote or verse and directions about any special package to open that day.

It was so much fun to put together each little gift, find different ways to wrap everything, and then send it all to the two separate women.  They both told me they used each day’s treat as a reward after long days at work and school.

Come back tomorrow to see what was in a couple of the gifts and easy tutorials so you can make them yourself!


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