Three Easy Tutorials

So…yesterday I talked about the Seven Days of Celebration presents I gave to my sister, Spaulding and another friend.  Well, among their small gifts were a few homemade items.  I thought I’d share three of those with you today, because they are too easy and fun to keep to myself.

First: Edible Glitter!

Ok, so it is really just colored sugar, but it looks so delightful and glittery!  Take a half cup of sugar (or as much as you need) and add three to four drops of liquid food coloring…then add one or two more just for good measure.  .

Then stir, stir, stir until it is all mixed properly.  Spread it onto a parchment lined cookie sheet and pop it into the oven @ 350 degrees.

Stir it at 5 minutes and then take it out after 3 more minutes.  Make sure it doesn’t melt…it discolors the sugar.  Just keep it in an air-tight container.

That’s it…Edible Glitter!  You can also do this process with salt, but that isn’t much fun is it?




Second: Paint Chip Garland!





First, get yourself some free paint chips and cut them into whatever shape you want.  I did triangles, but I’ve done circles before, I think I like the circles better.

Then, just sew them together.


And Third: Paper Clip Earrings!

Bend two paperclips into triangles…Superglue the ends together and wrap them in string or embroidery floss (string would work better, but all I had was floss)…Keep wrapping until the entire paperclip is covered…Add some criss-crossing…Tie your ends…Add your French hooks and you are good to go!

This craft I actually got from a specific source.  Here is the link to the original!

Happy Crafting!  P.S. Aren’t you proud I remembered to take pictures!


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