A Pinterest Confession

Today, I have Pinterest related confession to make.  I’m addicted to Pinterest.  I bet you all thought this was obvious before, but here comes the real proof.  In the last week…I’ve started a second account.

I know…I know.  It is a little bit embarrassing  but I promise I have good reasons!  There is so much good librarian stuff out there and I wanted to pin and organize it, but I didn’t want to get my professional stuff mixed up with my other pins.  So…my second account was born.

Check it out here!

Don’t think that just because I have admitted that I have a problem means I want to get over my addiction.  I am enjoying it thoroughly.  So many good things to pin!


So…now you know my secret, but there is still a little geeky secret hidden in the user name.   Zoe Heriot was a companion of the Doctor.  And she was a librarian…on a space station.  I want to be her.

Seriously…I want to be her.


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