Homemade Pay It Forward 2012 – #3: Harry Potter Presents

So this post was a very long time coming…the first version of the gift got lost in the mail, but finally the second edition made it!

Last May my roommate and I hosted a Harry Potter party.  (See the post here.)  It was awesome (if I do say so myself) and everyone got a gift bag.  We had a couple of extra bags and luckily Pay it Forward friend #3 is an HP fan!  So…I turned a gift bag into a special package for her.

HP Package

It ended up looking pretty great if I do say so myself.  And it contained…


HP Goodies 1

A S.P.E.W. Badge, Chocolate to stave off Dementors, and a Ferrero Rocher Snitch.


HP Goodies 2

Immature Mandrake Root (Sour Patch Kids), A Sock from Dobby, A Sneak-O-Scope Top, and An Edible Resurrection Stone (A Ring Pop)

In the second version…she also got some Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans, but only the good flavors.


It was all pretty easy to put together.  The Snitch and the Hogwarts Crest took the longest, but even those went pretty quickly.  Some of this was my own invention, some inspired from Pinterest.  I found the crest and frames online.  I don’t have the sources anymore, but a google search should be able to get you close.

Happy Harry Potter everyone!


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