The Weight on my Drivers License

A couple of years ago, I set a fitness goal for myself.  I wanted to make the weight on my drivers license true.  It had been true…when I got my license at 16.  At different times I have had anywhere between 20 to 30 pounds to lose to get there.  Well…I am proud to say that since last week, I weigh less than my license claims.  I have lost over 20 pounds and I’m still losing.

When I moved back home, my mom had already lost quite a bit of weight and her healthy habits inspired me.  Now, she and I both count calories and work-out.  (If you want an easy way to count calories, check out  It makes everything pretty simple and easy to complete.)  Thanks Mom for the inspiration!

To motivate myself, I went to my local doctor’s office and asked if they could tell me how much I weighed in high school.  The woman who helped me was very accommodating and wrote down all the weights that clinic had recorded.  (I know now how much I weighed when I was three.)   Ummm…Talk about motivation!  I weigh less than I did the fall of my junior year, which is kind of awesome…if I do say so myself.


If you follow along with me here, you know that this past fall I started 101 Goals in 1001 Days.  Well, with this weight loss means two more completed goals.  The first was to lose 20 pounds.  And then, as a reward for getting to this weight I bought something off of Etsy, which was something else I wanted to do.  I have been waiting for an excuse to spend money on this mug…and a weight loss goal seemed like the perfect excuse!

I ordered it this weekend…I’m so excited for it to arrive!  The text is from my favorite paragraph of my favorite Austen novel.  Hooray for accomplished goals.


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