What I did today…

My day went something like this…

7:00 – Wake up after the worst night of sleep I have had in a while.  I was babysitting and needed to spent the night with the kids.  Bad dreams, cold-induced snoring  and night lights led to an interesting night.

8:00 – Working out.  I really like getting my workout done right away in the morning.  Just to be clear…I like it once I’m finished.  Getting out of bed to go workout at 8 in the morning…not so thrilling.

9:00 – Ten 2 and 3-year-olds…3 criers ..No one who knew how to share very well.  Thankfully all the other volunteers had gotten more sleep than I did.  Once everyone had calmed down a little we had storytime about things that move.  It went pretty well, but more on storytime tomorrow.

12:00 – A nap…sweet sweet napping.

The rest of the afternoon was spent with my mom and her good friend Teri.  In celebration of another 10 pound mark, I tried on almost everything in my closet.  They told me what was too big and then forced me to get rid of it (which is sometimes easier said then done.)

Give Away Clothes


Here is the pile I ended up with.

None of these clothes will once again grace my closet.

Turns out this is a great incentive when you are trying to lose weight.  Thanks for the idea Mom!








What did you do today?

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