Hey Girl, Parks & Rec Style

Things I am a big fan of:

  1. Hey Girl’s
  2. Parks & Rec
  3. My friend Brenda

Ok…there are more things on that list like…Dairy Queen Crunch and hilarious things my brothers say.  Also to be clear…these are in no particular order.  But those three things are the three that apply to what I finally get to share with you today.  Ben Wyatt Hey Girl’s!

On Brenda’s recommendation I started watching Parks & Rec.  Turns out the show is amazing…(I know I’m late to the party…it happens a lot.  In fact, it happens so often, I wrote a post about it.)…and we are both big fans of Ben Wyatt.  (It is hard not to appreciate a man who owns his nerdiness to the point that he buys a Batman suit to treat himself and then occasionally wears it around the house.)  I had a card all ready to send to her, but then (wait, let me channel my inner Chris Traeger) I was literally struck with a fantastic idea…Ben Wyatt Hey Girl’s.  Turns out they are not readily available on the world wide web….so, with a bit editing I created my own.  She finally got her card and now I can share them here!

Ben Wyatt - CalzoneBen Wyatt - Mac and CheeseBen Wyatt - Make Out

I feel like there should have also been one of Ben is his Batman suit that said “Hey Girl, Treat Yo Self!”  But really, the show is full of great one liners and that is even before we consider the amazingness that is Ron Swanson.  Do you have a favorite line from the show?

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