A Letter

Hello Blog,

I’ve missed you.  I’ve missed writing, it has been too long.  The last four months have been filled with road trips and big celebrations, a new job and adult-sized adjustments.  But what has really stopped me from stopping in and saying hello, is the lingering doubt that I have anything important or original to say.  Is the constant sharing my generation feels we must participate in good for anyone?  Do I have anything to say that people actually want to hear? Does it matter either way?  Can’t I just write for me…but then why post it for the world to read?  These are the questions that circle in my head.  But, enough about my self doubt, Blog…I have bigger issues than that.  And it is precisely because I have bigger issues that I’m going to do my best not to let those questions stop me from visiting.  I can’t promise I’ll write anything that is relevant to anyone but me or that my posts will be in any way unique.  What I can promise is to come back before another four months have passed by.

Goodbye…But only for now,


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