About Me

Lets see…about me…

I am…

…currently working on a Master’s Degree in Library Science. Eventually I would like to work as an children’s or young adult librarian. But, before I settle down I would like to have an adventure.  Consequently, I am currently searching for a job as a librarian on a cruise ship.

…a lover of books.  I love to collect them, to read them, to browse them in bookstores with a delicious dessert-like coffee drink in my hand.  My favorite author is Jane Austen.  I think it is more than appropriate since we have the same birthday.  That said, I like all different kinds of literature…picture books to novels to audio books…non-fiction to fantasy and science fiction.

…Howard’s best friend.  Howard is my fish.  I love him, and even if I sometimes forget to feed him, I like to believe if fish were capable of love…he would love me too.

…a romantic.  I believe things happen for a reason.  I like to think about happy endings and the warm summer breeze kissing rosy cheeks.  I think flowers cheer up most situations and the right song can change your mood from sour to sassy in its three and a half-minute duration.  Realism has its place, the planner in me knows that, but there is something to be said for believing that perfect moments happen.

…a domestic lady.  I like to craft, quilt, bake…it is all good.

…a nerd.  I am a big enthusiast of Lord of the Rings and Doctor Who. Harry Potter is mentioned regularly in my house.  I want to learn to speak in an accent and each time I watch Lord of the Rings or the Chronicles of Narnia, I want to learn how to fight with a broadsword.  In elementary school I was the kid that asked for extra homework and for three days in high school I was a mathlete. I used to be embarrassed by this fact…now I embrace it.

Most importantly, I am a Christian.  I know there are many connotations and assumptions that go with that word, but this is what it means to me.  I have a personal relationship with God. I think He has a plan for my life and I want to follow His will in everything I do.  I mess this up…alot…but I know that He will always love me and no matter how badly I screw up, that won’t change.


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