The Smell of Cooked Bananas and Some Other Recipes

I haven’t had a good Pinterest Wednesday in a while.  I really wish I could say that was changing today.  I tried to have a scrumptious recipe ready to post.  Really I did. .I tried to make these 3-ingredient pancakes.  My brother thought they were delicious, but due to a dehydrator situation in my youth (I tried to… Continue reading The Smell of Cooked Bananas and Some Other Recipes

Lasagna Soup – Better Late Than Never

I mentioned Monday that I like to start a draft and leave it for months before sharing it with you guys.  Well, here is another that should have been written long ago, but is perfect for January weather! Last spring I tried out a couple different Lasagna Soup recipes.  I tweaked and added and mixed… Continue reading Lasagna Soup – Better Late Than Never

Mexican Lasagna. Healthy. Delicious.

My roommates had a long standing joke about how I stuck to recipes, almost to a fault. They on the other hand were a bit more nilly-willy about their cooking.  Well…progress has been made!  I officially have a recipe I made my own. I found a recipe for Stacked Roasted Vegetable Enchiladas…I turned it into Mexican… Continue reading Mexican Lasagna. Healthy. Delicious.

I May Never Go Back to Pepperoni

I am currently sitting at the desk in my best friend’s guest room, drinking raspberry cranberry soda out of a champagne flute (it tastes that better that way), and wishing we had made more pizza last night so I could have had leftovers for lunch today.  What pizza you may be asking…really, really delicious pizza… Continue reading I May Never Go Back to Pepperoni

Chipolte Peppers: 2 – Me: 0

Backstory: Last year I followed this recipe for Spicy Dr. Pepper Shredded Pork from the Pioneer Woman.  It looked so good when she made it!  So, I gave it a try. I cut the recipe in half and only used a quarter of a can of chipolte peppers.  When the pork was finished cooking, I dished some… Continue reading Chipolte Peppers: 2 – Me: 0

Me Gusta La Horchata

Long story short…one of my roommates gave up dairy for Lent.  She was making rice milk, which in turn made me want horchata, a milky, sweet rice drink from Mexico.  The first time I had it was at one of my favorite restaurants in Chicago.  It may be my favorite for nostalgic reasons only, but their burritos are… Continue reading Me Gusta La Horchata