The Sweetest Form of Usefulness

So, I have a confession…Alright two confessions. First, I don’t know why, but I totally have a strong inclination to start posts with “So, I have a confession…” but now I have admitted it…that is the first step right? Second confession…I sometimes will have an idea for a post, but I don’t feel like writing… Continue reading The Sweetest Form of Usefulness

A Christmas Story (a.k.a. One Reason to Move to the U.K.)

Today’s video encompasses so many lovely things…A Christmas tale…David Tennant and his Scottish accent…A mischievous penguin…A bedtime story…David Tennant.  (Yes I know I got that last one twice, but I’m pretty sure I could have mentioned him a third time and still be within the legal limit.) Without further ado…one more reason I wish I lived in the… Continue reading A Christmas Story (a.k.a. One Reason to Move to the U.K.)

Robots, Secret Lives, and the Boy Next Door

During my stay in Chicago (and the week before) I have been working my way through a pile several books high.  And, because I never seem to get around to writing full book reviews…I’m going to give each book a little blurb all in one post. Brian Selznick started something new when he wrote “The Invention of… Continue reading Robots, Secret Lives, and the Boy Next Door

A Disservice to Sea Monsters Everywhere

There is something you should know about me…once I start a book, I am going to finish it.  I want to know how it ends!  What if it gets good at the last moment?!?  It takes a truly horrible book to get me to set it down.  I could probably count the number of books I have… Continue reading A Disservice to Sea Monsters Everywhere

Jane Austen and…Sea Monsters?

Yesterday in my review of “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies,” I mentioned that I’m now listening to “Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters,” and I thought I would share the book trailer today, because…well, it is pretty great. Enjoy!! First, this book trailer makes me laugh out loud.  I’m excited for the book.  Second, how great are book trailers.  Especially,… Continue reading Jane Austen and…Sea Monsters?

Pride and Prejudice and…Zombies?

When I was a senior in college I got to know several of the other senior literature majors a little bit better.  Two of the girls were big Jane Austen fans and we bonded over it.  There was also couple of guys who could not stand Austen.  One of them did however believe that some accounts of… Continue reading Pride and Prejudice and…Zombies?