Elegant Stop Motion and a Presidential Pep Talk

So…I want to share two videos with you today because, well…they are awesome.  Both videos are already popular…I just want to make sure you don’t miss them! The creativity in the music video makes me like the song even more! I think stop motion music videos can sometimes seem clumsy, but this was so well done!… Continue reading Elegant Stop Motion and a Presidential Pep Talk

Friday Flick With Some Christmas Spirit

So, I am making an executive decision.  (I can do that because I’m the only one with the password!)  From now until Christmas I’ll have a Friday Flick just like normal, but there will be a bonus Christmas video!  I know not everyone loves this holiday as much as I do…I would start celebrating/decorating/eating Christmas cookies in… Continue reading Friday Flick With Some Christmas Spirit

Puppets Do a Parody

After watching a funny the Muppets version of Bohemian Rhapsody (See That Video Here) and a few other less delightful/much stranger parodies.  I thought I would share some great parodies today…all done by puppets. Most of the videos are just links…there were too many good ones to narrow it down, but I thought I would put… Continue reading Puppets Do a Parody

Sounds of Summer

Last year I read a blog post by John Acuff that talked about Summer Soundtracks.  (Click here for the post.) So, as summer approached I was thinking about what I wanted on my playlist this season. This is one of the tracks that made the cut: This video is charming, weird, and then somehow charming again. Other… Continue reading Sounds of Summer

Anti-hipster…Not Anti Hipsters.

So, I think I might be an anti-hipster…not anti hipsters, but their antithesis.  I don’t like things before they are cool… apparently I wait until they are really popular or even past their popularity to start liking them. Case in point…Mumford and Sons.  I just started listening to them about two or three weeks ago and now… Continue reading Anti-hipster…Not Anti Hipsters.