Old McDonald Had A Puppet

I have been waiting until I finished to share this project with you and today is the day!! Since January I have been working on some animal puppets to use in my story times!  They didn’t take so long because they were especially difficult, it was more that I had other things going on, but they… Continue reading Old McDonald Had A Puppet

The Smell of Cooked Bananas and Some Other Recipes

I haven’t had a good Pinterest Wednesday in a while.  I really wish I could say that was changing today.  I tried to have a scrumptious recipe ready to post.  Really I did. .I tried to make these 3-ingredient pancakes.  My brother thought they were delicious, but due to a dehydrator situation in my youth (I tried to… Continue reading The Smell of Cooked Bananas and Some Other Recipes

Mexican Lasagna. Healthy. Delicious.

My roommates had a long standing joke about how I stuck to recipes, almost to a fault. They on the other hand were a bit more nilly-willy about their cooking.  Well…progress has been made!  I officially have a recipe I made my own. I found a recipe for Stacked Roasted Vegetable Enchiladas…I turned it into Mexican… Continue reading Mexican Lasagna. Healthy. Delicious.

A Pinterest Confession

Today, I have Pinterest related confession to make.  I’m addicted to Pinterest.  I bet you all thought this was obvious before, but here comes the real proof.  In the last week…I’ve started a second account. I know…I know.  It is a little bit embarrassing  but I promise I have good reasons!  There is so much good… Continue reading A Pinterest Confession