Anti-hipster…Not Anti Hipsters.

So, I think I might be an anti-hipster…not anti hipsters, but their antithesis.  I don’t like things before they are cool… apparently I wait until they are really popular or even past their popularity to start liking them. Case in point…Mumford and Sons.  I just started listening to them about two or three weeks ago and now… Continue reading Anti-hipster…Not Anti Hipsters.

A Big Head and Little Arms

If you haven’t seen “Meet the Robinsons” you should.  It is a great family flick with plenty of humor and lots of good messages about family, imagination, and being nice to others. Plus, the trailer is really the only proper way to finish out Dinosaur Week.  You don’t get to meet the T-Rex until the… Continue reading A Big Head and Little Arms

Dinosaur Booklist

I proclaim it Dinosaur week here on “Let Other Pens.”  Dinosaurs keep popping up…pinterest, at work, on the clothing of my baby roommate.  Hence…Dino week and to kick the week off…a dinosaur booklist! Picture Books: “Brontorina” by James Howe – Brontorina has always wanted to be a ballerina, but no ballet slippers will fit her… Continue reading Dinosaur Booklist