Old McDonald Had A Puppet

I have been waiting until I finished to share this project with you and today is the day!! Since January I have been working on some animal puppets to use in my story times!  They didn’t take so long because they were especially difficult, it was more that I had other things going on, but they… Continue reading Old McDonald Had A Puppet

The Smell of Cooked Bananas and Some Other Recipes

I haven’t had a good Pinterest Wednesday in a while.  I really wish I could say that was changing today.  I tried to have a scrumptious recipe ready to post.  Really I did. .I tried to make these 3-ingredient pancakes.  My brother thought they were delicious, but due to a dehydrator situation in my youth (I tried to… Continue reading The Smell of Cooked Bananas and Some Other Recipes

Lasagna Soup – Better Late Than Never

I mentioned Monday that I like to start a draft and leave it for months before sharing it with you guys.  Well, here is another that should have been written long ago, but is perfect for January weather! Last spring I tried out a couple different Lasagna Soup recipes.  I tweaked and added and mixed… Continue reading Lasagna Soup – Better Late Than Never

Homemade Pay It Forward 2012 – #3: Harry Potter Presents

So this post was a very long time coming…the first version of the gift got lost in the mail, but finally the second edition made it! Last May my roommate and I hosted a Harry Potter party.  (See the post here.)  It was awesome (if I do say so myself) and everyone got a gift… Continue reading Homemade Pay It Forward 2012 – #3: Harry Potter Presents

Mexican Lasagna. Healthy. Delicious.

My roommates had a long standing joke about how I stuck to recipes, almost to a fault. They on the other hand were a bit more nilly-willy about their cooking.  Well…progress has been made!  I officially have a recipe I made my own. I found a recipe for Stacked Roasted Vegetable Enchiladas…I turned it into Mexican… Continue reading Mexican Lasagna. Healthy. Delicious.

A Pinterest Confession

Today, I have Pinterest related confession to make.  I’m addicted to Pinterest.  I bet you all thought this was obvious before, but here comes the real proof.  In the last week…I’ve started a second account. I know…I know.  It is a little bit embarrassing  but I promise I have good reasons!  There is so much good… Continue reading A Pinterest Confession

Three Easy Tutorials

So…yesterday I talked about the Seven Days of Celebration presents I gave to my sister, Spaulding and another friend.  Well, among their small gifts were a few homemade items.  I thought I’d share three of those with you today, because they are too easy and fun to keep to myself. First: Edible Glitter! Ok, so it is… Continue reading Three Easy Tutorials